Etsy shop TheCurious13 (not to be confused with TheIndifferent11) is selling this chess set with taxidermied mice as the pieces. Wheeeeee? I feel sick. Not just because I ate that burrito way too fast, but because WTF am I looking at? Thirty-two mice that were once alive are now dead, stuffed and wearing tiny cute outfits purely for our own amusement? Because, okay now that I’ve had a minute to process all this, that does kinda sound hilarious. Kinda hilarious and mega sad. But still hilarious! Yet also still sad. It’s like I’m on a roller coaster of emotion! And this burrito is NOT having it.





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  1. Mark Hayden

    Super sad! Its the four white mice on the front row on the left they seem to be saying “why did you kill me”…. but the hats… the hats… its kinda hilariously sad

  2. Ian Powell

    I can only think of one word to describe this. Rodentastic!

  3. Jim Kennedy


  4. Jim Kennedy

    Normally they would have been tossed in the trash. These however, are immortalized.

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