LEGO bricks: some people might say they’re inedible. And they might be right. But do you think that’s ever stopped me from popping a few in my mouth while I’m building away? No. But sometimes they get lodged in my throat and that usually puts an end to the fun. These are LEGO brick slippers. Actually they’re called Building Brick Slippers, but you and I both know what this is. A licensing issue! The slippers do look pretty comfy, but who’s really gonna buy these things? No one would ever voluntarily step on a LEGO brick. Oh, you’re right: probably a masochist. But I don’t need to hear about that mess, what you people do behind closed doors is nunmuh. As in NUN MUH BUSINESS.


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  2. Crowther Amanda-Beth

    My sister and use to bet each other small amounts of money to walk across diffrentlen length paths we where weird kids before lego brick challenges we set barbie skioper etc on hot wheel and race down a hill to her doom. Though Kelly dolls when cam out was to little to get good ride she’d tumble off in two seconds.

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