Why should Angry Birds get all the real life fun? Half art piece – half playable game, Tetris analógico’, or ‘Analog Tetris’ is a life-sized version of the game that launched the original Game Boy. This gamers dream prompts you to physically position and assemble the tetromino pieces as they slide down an inclined playing surface. Pieces are fed by dealers and instead of clearing lines, the goal is to get all of the pieces to assemble together below the yellow line. So if you leave too many holes open, or aren’t quick enough, you’re going to lose. The downside? You don’t get to hear the sound effect when you clear four lines at once like in the traditional game. To see it in action, check out the video below.

Tetris analógico // Analogical Tetris from Esferobite-DSK on Vimeo.

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