I’ve said it before—the best place to hide something naughty is in plain sight. (Of course you should probably warn your guests that they shouldn’t touch anything without asking first.) But how exactly do you discreetly downplay 32 sex toys? Just use them as chess pieces. Chess pieces look pretty phallic and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so it’s kind of genius. Design consultants and luxury sex toy makers Kiki De Montparnasse created this functional sex toy chess set to bring together gameplay and foreplay. The chess set includes vibrators and butt plugs cunningly disguised as rooks and pawns that to an unsuspecting guest appear to be nothing more than sleek modern game pieces… of course your more experienced guests will ask why you’re playing chess with sex toys. If you’d rather not risk leaving your collection of sex toys out in the open you can slip them into a drawer under the board. The only question is, do you yell out check mate when you’re winning or during climax?

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