Does watching the people around you fail make you cringe? Do you wish you had a gentle way to tell them to just stop embarrassing themselves and leave? Now you do thanks to this Animatronic Keyboard Cat toy. Based on the popular internet meme Keyboard Cat, this toy looks like the famous “Fatso” and plays the official Keyboard Cat music. So the next time someone makes a joke no one laughs at or trips down the stairs, just say, “Play him off, Keyboard Cat!” and press the button on the side of his keyboard. Then instead of being painfully embarrassed, they’ll happily dance to the musical stylings of Piano Cat—I mean Keyboard Cat! Dammit, don’t play me off!!! I’m not fini—



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  1. Vet Yarrabilba

    Quite very interesting. Nice toy.

  2. Liverpool Vvet

    Good price for a nice musical cat.

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