If you’re here then we already know you like to waste time on the internet, but if you also like to draw and play games, then you’ve got to check out Drawception. Drawception is a web game that’s kind of like Draw Something meets the telephone game. The game starts with a short phrase like “a cow jumping over the moon” and the first player draws the phrase. The next player guesses what the drawing is supposed to be, and another player draws the new phrase. This continues until 12 players have participated, at which point everyone gets an email with the results… which are always ridiculous and hilarious.

There are tons of examples on the Drawception website that show how phrases like “Batman doing laundry” can become “A pointy eared eskimo gives a press conference” or “a circle” can turn into “Death casting rainbow snow on Whoville.” There’s no mobile app yet, but the creators plan to release one eventually.

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  1. Kane Obscurum

    Funny, we did something like this in school all the time, with paper and pen. The Sentence Game, lotta fun xD

  2. Lindsay

    We play this game all the time. We call it “eat poop you cat”.