Undead Teds is a line of zombified Teddy Bears made by Phillip Blackman. They are terrifying. And ooky! All that blood and, wait — WTF? Teddy Bears have teeth? I mean, a digestive tract, sure, that makes complete sense. But I did NOT know those guys had molars and stuff! With a Teddy Bear like this you’d have to sleep with one eye open. Me? I already sleep with both eyes open and all the lights on because I gotta keep tabs on my vast baby doll collection. Those girls get all kinds of crazy murderous at night! One time an American Girl Doll tried to stab me with a nail file. It was soooo cute. But I also had to go to the hopsital.

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  1. Design Blog

    OMG who is the target audience of these teddy bears? it is definitely not the kids.

  2. Jennifer


  3. QuirkyMissKiwi

    Well Phillip Blackman has issues!

  4. Dan

    Love it lol

  5. Weedschopf

    wow i like em 😀 definitely no present for my little niece but id love to get one ;)) eyecatcher on every cosy bed 😀

  6. Heather Slimebucket Foote

    I want these so bad how do i get thwem how much

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