Between the Sims, Nintendo Mii’s, and Xbox Avatars, you could spend hours perfecting digital versions of you and your friends… but in the end what do you have to show for it? A few measly screenshots? Sure, you might look cool to your online friends, but your IRL friends and coworkers don’t really care. Trust me. By the way, they also don’t care about that funny thing your cat did last night, or about how many cheese balls you can fit in your mouth at once. (36. Just saying.) Anyway, now thanks to Mixee Me and the magic of 3D printers you can create a tangible character that you designed yourself. You can choose from pre-designed eyes, mouths, and t-shirt designs or upload your own for something really unique. Then you can put it on your desk or shelves or some place that people can actually see it in real life.

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