If you and your family gather for a fun night of board games, chances are, you aren’t truly dysfunctional. It’s the families that gather for interventions or weekly beer pong that better fit that description. The Dysfunction Board Game is great for your run of the mill wacky crew. In this game of storytelling, three to six players move around the board drawing cards and sharing anecdotes from their own awkward upbringing. If a story is endearingly untoward or just makes you mutter “glad I wasn’t there!”, it adds baggage to the player’s “baggage cart.” If the tale is a hilarious tale that results in everyone rolling on the floor, it can earn up to 3 bags. Hilarious “family fun” cards offer one-off chances for honest players to gain or lose bags with prompts and a huge list of 250+ questions, with questions like “Who broke in to the liquor cabinet? Every player who took an underage drink from their parents’ stash gains a bag.” Spill your deepest, most embarrassing secrets to get more bags with every turn—the first player to confess their way to 15 bags wins.

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