I hated myself for posting the Potty Putter, but look at how far I’ve come: I’m back at it again with this mess. Clearly I can’t help myself. I’m sick! This is the Hook Line and Stinker Toilet Fishing Game. It’s faux fishing for when you’re doing the doo. Not to be confused with doing the Dew, which is like when you’re hang gliding or snow boarding while drinking a Moutain Dew. You can’t play a board game while you’re doing the Dew. While you’re doing the doo, you can do all kinds of stuff. Crossword puzzles, online shopping, call your mom, sing showtunes, see how long you can hold your breath because it smells so bad… so many options. And if you get your hands butt hands on the Hook Line and Stinker, you can fish. Reeling things in while you’re casting things out. There’s something kind of poetic about that. Something real disgusting and poetic.


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