Everything I ever learned was from cartoons, toys, and occasionally, the back of a cereal box. School was where I went to practice being a smart ass and slacker (and little did I know that was the perfect training to become a blogger). That’s why I’m a big fan of edutainment. Let’s get real. Would you rather study for a big science test on DNA or play with toys? I could never remember stuff like the fact that Adenine and Thymine form a base pair via 2 bonds. But give me adorable magnetic DNA plushies and I’ll be like “oh, Guanine and Cytosine are besties and they’ve got 3 places they stick together—because friends should always stick together! OMG SO CUTE!” That’s why Jun Axup, the creator of Biochemies DNA Molecule Plush Dolls is a genius. Not only is she working on developing targeted cancer drugs, she’s getting a whole new generation into science. Support the Biochemies project on Kickstarter and pre-order your own set.

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