Not everyone wants to be immortalized forever as a Superhero—some people are just happy being part of a crew. Especially a Starship crew. The 3D Printing magicians at Cubify let you create a custom Star Trek figure with your face. All you have to do is choose your gender, shirt color (yellow, blue, and red), rank, and pose (basic, phaser, tricorder, and “live long and prosper”) and upload a couple of photos of your face. The figures are based on the original series, but they may add more in the future. They have a poll on their home page asking which series they should do next. Of course Next Generation is currently in the lead, but I’m hoping for Voyager so I can get a Borg figure with Seven of Nine style implants. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!

Photos via Engadget and Trek News



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  1. CaliKitty

    Re: waiting for Voyager so you can be Borg… The Borg was in Next Gen in a big way. Locutus? Hugh? I’m hoping when they do Next Gen, they include Q!

  2. Jenni Chasteen

    @CaliKitty – Good point, but I meant like Seven of Nine—with just a few implants left in.