LEGOManiacs Alatariel and GlenBricker designed a LEGO version of the set and cast of Big Bang Theory. This is that. It’s not a real product (YET!), but if you go vote at the LEGO Cuuso site, it could very well become a reality. MAYBE. Everything’s so uncertain! The whole gang’s there and you even get to choose between 4 different Sheldon t-shirt options. Because we live in a democracy! Orrrr because Sheldon’s got a lot of different t-shirts. Maybe both? We may never know. It’s a mystery!

big-bang-theory-lego-2 big-bang-theory-lego-3 big-bang-theory-lego-4

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  1. Maryd71

    Take my money!!!

  2. Rochelle Freed Fischer

    YES – I’ll take two! And please have it ready by Christmas!

  3. Vivien Cheng


  4. Barb Swolley Masonholder


  5. Db1

    Yes I would it would become a great collectable

  6. mumsea

    yes please !

  7. isabelle

    give me that one plz

  8. Fredrik Hansson

    Give it to me baby ahaha ahaha;-))

  9. Misty G. Peters Bradley

    Definitely sign me up