This month Sports Illustrated is celebrating their 50th anniversary. So what do they do to mark the momentous occasion? Put Barbie as their cover model, of course! Personally, I expected to see Kate Upton and her flawless chi-chis front and center, but what do I know? I’d argue how to sell a magazine, but we both know that’s not true: I’d just slap Miss Upton and her gazoongas on every mag and then wonder why nobody was buying stuff like Rachel Ray and Better Homes & Gardens anymore. will be exclusively selling a limited-edition Sports Illustrated Barbie. Not really sure who the target (TARGET!! LOLOL) audience is for all this, but again, what do I know? Clearly not much. Which is just a tick above nothing, so no more questions please. Just go back to composing your rant about how this Barbie x Sports Illustrated mash-up is or is not bad for society and leave me out of this. It’s time for lunch!

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Via: The New York Times

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  1. alice

    this is fucking stupid and isn’t helping women feel better about themselves. Sports Illustrated is already mysoginistic as all hell and now there is some plastic bitch posing as a woman. Great.

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