ShelterPups makes Custom Plush Stuffed Dogs. For just $125 and a few pics, they’ll send you a stuffed animal replica of your K9. Does Fido have a wonky eye? Scruffy got a snaggle toof? All of your dog’s weird quirks will be represented in the final product. Except no stanky doggy breff. They leave that part out. Ooh, the best part is, all proceeds go toward animal rescue shelters, and NOT to lining some greedy @$$hole CEO’s pocket. So there’s that. Now before you cat people start getting your granny panties in a twist, CHILL. The company will begin making plushies of kitties in 2013. Eek, I’m gonna get a ShelterCat for every single one of my furbaby-angels and display them on my bed! The only question is, now where will I keep my massive Beanie Baby collection?

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  1. Morgan

    I think this is soooo great!

  2. Kim Dougan

    This is awesome! I just found out about this type of product. There’s also another company called Cuddle Clones that just did a ‘clone’ of my friend’s dog. I love companies like this! Making cute plushies and giving to pet shelters!

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