Remember when Black Milk Clothing brought us those Muscle Leggings and we were all like “Huh? What?” but then everyone secretly ran out and bought them and then showed up at parties wearing the same damn leggings and we’d all say “Well, this is embarrassing…”? Me neither. But it happened in a dream once! And let me just say, you looked GOOD. Now Black Milk Clothing is hoping to squeeze the laaaast bit of creepy-weird out of the summer season by introducing the Muscle Swimsuit. This… is the only way I will ever appear to have a six pack. Which is whatever — I’m more of a keg kinda gal myself. And since we’re all here and trying to avoid work as long as possible (I’m blogging from the bathroom at my “real” job. If you could call working at Taco Bell a job — it’s more like a dream come true!), I threw in a couple pics of of some other kooky clothing Black Milk’s got to offer like the a Beer Dress, Circuit Board Leggings, Mummy Catsuit, and some Blood Splattered Leggings. Wheeeee, there’s something for everyone!

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