Because people are all kinds of f***ed up, German designer Iris Shieferstein created these creepy slash disgusting heels made from real doves. I… am not okay with this. Guys, I’m a total lunatic and even I don’t think this is cool! I can’t even imagine how you normal people feel right now. It ain’t right. Iris is all, “Heeey guys, you got it all wrong. These shoes are comfy and fashionable! It’s not that bad, I just hollowed out the body of some doves and made a pair of stilletos out of em. No big dealio.” And you and I are like, “Holy shit — RUN. This lady be cray cray!”

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  1. Hammwanich

    Well, it is disgusting, but maybe it is ment to be disgusting. Iris Shieferstein is not a designer, she is an artist ( and these shoes are part of her conceptional work. Which one does not have to like or find interesting …