Do you want to be a hipster? Well too damn bad! The first rule of hipsterdom is you can’t WANT to be a hipster. You’re either a hipster or you’re not. And hopefully you’re not. But for those of you who still want to give it a go, why?! here’s a Hipster Starter Kit by graphic designer Mihael Miklošić. Alternatively, you could just take yourself to Urban Outfitters and go buck wild. All the skinny jeans and Wayfarers you can afford! The kit contains a pair of thick-framed glasses, Polaroid camera, plaid shirt, mix tape, mustache, and an owner’s manual. So, no PBR? Where’s the fixie? What’s a hipster without a pack of American Spirits? And the single most important hipster accessory a kit could NEVER provide: an undeserved sense of superiority. That, my friends, comes from within.

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