If you’re rocking an ugly sweater to be ironic, you’re definitely not trying hard enough. Even dogs wear ugly sweaters now. So what’s the hippest trend in ironic winter wear? Sweater pants, or if you prefer, swants. If you want swants you’ll have to sacrifice your favorite sweater and follow Steven May’s tutorial. You’ll also have to sacrifice your sense of style and shut up that voice in your head that says “Don’t do this thing! So many regrets!” But don’t worry, I always ignore that voice and that’s why I had chocolate whipped cream vodka in my cereal this morning. No regrets! SWANTS 4 LYFE!




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  1. zengrrl

    I would wear them, only I don’t own any sweaters.

  2. Crowther Amanda-Beth

    How about turing two old baggy sweaters into decent length non dress no hoochy coochie dress.