When you slide a pair of sandals over a pair of socks, you immediately give up any chance of being taken seriously. When even that is too many steps for you to handle, you need to reevaluate things. What’s holding you back from putting on proper footwear? The complicated laces? Too narrow widths? Get it together! These Sock Sandals are absolutely ridiculous, even if they are timesavers. After all, I bet it takes a while to select the perfect sock-sandal combination.


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  1. Crowther Amanda-Beth

    And this is part of why i like acro shoes aint no one going to judge you for wearing socks with those. You wom’t sweat way do in gym shoes and don’t look weird wearing socks with them. Plus comfy and help you to walk more correctly then most ppl walk. You c could even make them look cool if have some art skills.

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