Vaporite Vapes brings us the Grandite wrist watch. But this isn’t just some ordinary wrist watch, my friend. This wrist watch is special. Not because it belongs to your late father and Christopher Walken hid it in his keester in order to return it to you as your birthright. It’s special because it hides your weed. Just unscrew the watch face and you’ll find a compartment to stash your herb. OR you can get one that’s got a ganj grinder. Either way — super special.


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  1. Justin


  2. shath

    I don’t believe for a minute that this ill-conceived attempt to cash in on the rising acceptance of cannabis is actually air tight and “smell proof” as they claim.

    Load it up with something sticky and purple, then wear it to work. Count how many minutes it takes for someone to ask who ran over the skunk.

    As for the grinder variant, I would openly laugh at anybody who whipped that thing out at a party.

  3. greg

    @Shash… and you must be a blast at said parties.

  4. Josh

    Assuming the watch part is fake, shouldn’t it be stuck at 4:20?

    Also… other than air travel, for which this would surely be useless and easily discovered, when do you really need to hide your weed in a stealthy manner? And for those times, there are always cheaper, and more effective ways to hide it, such as one of those tiny Tupperware containers in your pocket.

  5. Luke

    @greg LMAO

  6. B0bbeh

    Well maybe I’m just a damn stoner but I think it’d be cool to have just so I could be like “Wait yall! I got a grinder hidden in my watch!” Probably not the best idea but I fun one if nothing else

  7. mia

    does the watch work?