I’ve made it pretty clear that I’m no fashionista, so many things deemed “fashionable” leave me scratching my head. No, NOT because of my dandruff problem, which is none of your damn business anyway. This isn’t about me! Designer Gianni Molaro debuted this titacular dress at the Alta Roma fashion week. Look, I can kinda see the logic behind the design: Everyone likes boobies. But a uniboob? I don’t know. This is exactly what I always imagined an alien bazoonga to look like what with the tentacles and weird pointy shape. Except this has less lasers shooting out the nipple. Disappointing. The worst part is, I know some weirdo is gonna want to wear it and alls I’m saying is, she can’t be all “Hey, my eyes are up here, stop staring at my singular breast!” Because she lost that right when she bought THE GIANT SINGLE TIT DRESS.

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  1. KParker

    Dear God, please don’t let Lady Gaga turn up in this at some awards show.

    Note to self: Cease buying all four- and five-figure haute couture from designer Gianni Molaro. That’ll learn ‘im.

  2. Half Baked Potatoes

    Boobs I like. One boob is still pretty nice. One giant boob with tentacles, on what looks like a pedestal walking around the place with a caged head on top of it is like a nightmare straight from the firey pitts of hell.

    Check out Half Baked Potatoes for funny drunken adventures.

  3. Lai-Lai

    It’s so extreme that I don’t think even Grace Jones, Cher, or Lady Gaga would wear it.

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