Betabrand brings us Vajamas, drawstring PJ pants which the company claims are like THE comfiest drawls on the planet. These things are available for pre-order at $85 a pop. LOLWUT? Any article of clothing that has the word “drawstring” anywhere in its description should NOT cost that much. These things must seriously be the most comfortable pants to exist! Orrrr the people behind them are just crazy. I’m gonna go with the latter. Look, just because two words sound funny mashed together doesn’t mean you should create a product out of it. Trust me, I learned that the hard way. A few years back in a drunken rage, I came up with Bananal Beads. You know, banana-shaped anal beads? Boy was I proud of myself. I spent my entire life savings making those things a reality! Long story long, the business failed. I know — I was just as surprised as you are! Now all I’ve got to show for it is a garage full of unsold Bananal Beads. Unsold and unused, btw. Just felt the need to make that clear!



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