Ever feel like when you’re wearing a hoodie like nothing can touch you? You just pull the hood up over your head and it’s like the rest of the world suddenly doesn’t matter. That woman yelling at you for walking through her garden—she doesn’t even know who you are. That shopkeeper telling you to come back and pay for that soda. Pfft. Yeah okay buddy. That cop clubbing you with his baton—okay ow. So maybe hoodies aren’t actually armor, but that’s not stopping Chadwick DIllon of SOFworks from making sweet Knight Armored Hoodies. The hoodie has a retractable face plate and looks like a suit of armor—except you know, not as heavy or shiny.

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  1. |\/|()|)ER/\/K/\/|G|-|T

    Chivalry isn’t dead! Combining modern fashion with medieval European plate armor… what a brainstorm! It is quite visually stunning. Thank you for this independent masterpiece, and thanks for respecting European tradition, Chadwick Dillon.