UrbanUndercover is a unique pair of underwear that has a secret back pocket in the waistband where you can keep a spare pair of drawls. Underwear inside of underwear – so meta. One pair of undies enough for you? It can hold other compact items instead like lip gloss, a tampon, cash, your ID, and more. The possibilities are endless! Just, you know, nothing larger than a breadbox. Why would you wanna keep a breadbox in your panties, anyway? You so crazy, girl!

Want a pair of your own? Donate to the Kickstarter HERE!

Thanks to Incredible Things Facebook fan Elana for the tip. She told me she’s gonna order multiple UrbanUndercovers and put a pair inside a pair inside a pair. Whoa — smart!

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  1. Jessica K

    These look really cute and I love the pocket!

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