Unless you’re one of those waterproof residents of rainy cites like Seattle or London, you probably prefer to completely shield yourself from all forms of precipitation. Dome-like umbrellas are effective, not to mention cute. But unless yours is clear, you risk tripping, falling and making a complete ass out of yourself. This umbrella is a wonderful Chinese creation that will keep you dry while you maintain your cool…sort of. The dome umbrella has a built-in goggle patch, so you can see where you’re going and what’s in front of you. As a bonus, this style will not poke out the eyes of innocent passersby.

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  1. ashley

    Hello,we just come across your article and happen to be the design team of the ‘cute’ GOGGLES umbrella. We appreciate your introduction to our product but this product is created by a design team 25TOGO DESIGN from Taiwan, not Japan. And the suggested retail price is $22, not $8. We’ll appreciate if you don’t mind making some changes to the article. Thanks a lot!!