Upcycling, recycling, freecycling, tricycling. Whatever you call it, I’m all for it. Use less energy, waste less shit. But textiles futures student, Kerry Greville is taking re-use to to a whole new level. She believes that the human body has resource potential after death. Which would be why she’s exploring the provocative notion that we can extract chemical components from cremated remains. “It is my belief that the only resource we can lay claim to is our body,” Greville says. “Every other resource is taken without consent. “Could we allow ourselves to become detached from our loved ones so that their bodies could be seen as a resource?” she asks. Umm, probably not. I adored Grandma, but I have no plans for wearing her to bed in the form of sweatpants…even if they’re the coziest, most loving sweatpants ever.

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