This is a line of suuuuper extreme eyelash jewelry by Natalee, the same pretty lady who brought us the Unicorn Eyelash Jewelry. The peeper adornments are beaded and feature feathers, doo-dads, knicknacks, and some of them have got ALL OF THE ABOVE. They’ve even got weirdly specific themes like Summer Picnic, Las Vegas, Bubble Bath, Baby Farm Animal, and Salad. Yeah when I said it got weirdly specific I meant it. When I say things are gonna get weird, things are gonna get weird. Just… trust me. It’s some kinda fifth sense or whatever.

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  1. Emily

    It says they are 7$ but on etsy they are 20$…

  2. Brittany High

    Yep, looks like they raise the prices. Thanks for the heads up!