StyleUno is selling Lonehood, an attachable hood that turns any collared shirt into a hoodie. I guess it’s for those days where it’s not quite jacket weather, but your head is unreasonably cold. You know what I’m talking about? Yeah I have no idea. Don’t wear collared shirts? Me neither — if it don’t match with sweat pants, then it doesn’t belong in my closet! You can wear the Lonehood by itself too. That’s right, you can wear it in teh noods. The company has dubbed their product The Greatest Clothing Invention Since The Condom. Which brings up an interesting question: do people wear condoms as clothing? Because I had no idea. Not that I’m judging! I’m the lady who wore a diaphragm as a hat for years. What? The 90s was a weird time for fashion! Especially for me.

styleuno-hoodie-lonehood-attachable-hood-2 styleuno-hoodie-lonehood-attachable-hood-3

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