Clothing brand LovelySally (not to be confused with FuglySuzy) is selling these Laser Space Cat Leggings. They’re perfect for, well, anyone’s wardrobe. Let’s be honest here! Cats compliment all body types and skin tones. And lasers? Don’t get me started on lasers, we’ll be here all day. and I am NOT missing lunch to school your ass on things you should already know about. It’s the future yo, get with it! LovelySally’s also got a ton of other leggings with crazy patterns like eyeballs, python scales, and angry wolves who look like they’re going to eat someone’s face off. Or who knows? Maybe eat everyone’s face off. There are more than just a few of those beasts and they’re ALL angry. Run! Better yet — if you’re the crazy person wearing these leggings, run in the opposite direction as the rest of us!




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