SeoulRhythm is accepting preorders for these adorable Cat Tights. On the front they’ve got kitty heads, on the back, cat tails. Not cat tails like those plants that look like a hot dog on a stick. I’m talking about cat tails as in the appendage that’s right next to a feline’s booty. But the other kind of cat tails would’ve been cool too. No, no they wouldn’t.

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  1. BowTies

    you can get them WAYYY cheaper on ebay!!!
    You can get them at $5!! Possibly even less!

  2. BowTies

    They AREEE so cute though!!

  3. Cute pandas

    But there fake ones and very weird look ones

  4. Cute pandas


  5. josh

    do you know where i can get the skirt?

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