Jewelry is one of those things, you’re either into it or you don’t see the point. If you fall into the second camp and don’t see the point of wearing anything on your body that doesn’t serve a purpose, then you might actually dig this ring. The Titanium Utility Ring is the Swiss army knife of rings as it includes a comb, bottle opener, straight blade, serrated blade and a saw… you know, for those times you randomly want to cut down trees and all you have is a ring. Okay, you might not actually use all of the teensy little tools it comes with for anything practical other that opening beers, but it’s nice to know your ring is capable of more than just sitting there looking pretty.

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  1. Mike

    This looks cool but it is expensive. I think the Kinekt Gear Ring is a better value and just as cool in all honesty.

  2. Defafan

    Let’s make this item $20 and I am impressed.

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