These aren’t just snake skin cowboy boots, they’re straight up all-snake cowboy boots! Ooh, I wonder if they make them in cowgirl style too! I needa get my hands feet on in a pair of these babies. Then maybe people would finally start to take me seriously. Unfortunately, there’s no information on where these came from or how to get them. And isn’t that just like life — to show you a little glimpse of happiness, but provide no answers as to how to attain it? God, that’s deep.

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Via: Schlecky Silberstein


  1. CheekyFelix

    First of all they are photo shopped do some fucking research. Second of all, I don’t know if it’s just one person who writes these “articles” or several idiots. I keep up with your crap because I like reading what idiotic explanations you give for googling fun pictures. If your going to post things that look “cool” at least do your readers the decency of actual journalism. The majority of humans are morons who will believe anything the read from the internet.

  2. Thatoldcatladyyouknow

    Woah, first of all you don’t have to criticize like that.
    Second of all, these articles are just to be taken as humorous, ever heard of it? And third of all, you don’t have to call everyone “morons who will believe anything the read from the internet” Yeah, and I’m the moron. I guess some people ENJOY criticizing, *cough* LOSER *cough*

    P.S. I don’t care if you try to reply with something “hurtful” because I have a life and do not wait for a moron to reply to me.

  3. CheekyFelix

    Seeing as you still replied to what I said I’m guessing your life isn’t that busy and just for you I saved some time to reply you since my comment hit a nerve :'( Even if these stories are meant to be taken humorously, please tell the 300 plus people on facebook including peta who are calling these shoes cruel, that it’s just a joke. Yes, they are morons and yes, they believe everything the internet tells them. All I’m trying to do is make the world a smarter place. Why would you try to stop that? It’s for the future of our children. Wouldn’t you want to help our children? :D

  4. derp

    You a bitch though…..

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