Etsy seller Erin of TheCommonRoom shop brings us this Yoda hoodie. It’s got everyone’s favorite wrinkly-ass Jedi Master’s iconic ears handsewn onto a pull-over sweatshirt. They’re available in S through XL, and in this particular case, size matters yes. I don’t wanna see you trying to squeeze your XL torso into a super teeny hoodie. It’s just not a good look. Trust me. I used to sport threads that, turns out, were waaay too small. I caught my reflection in a store window once and actually managed to convince myself it was someone else. I think they call that a coping mechanism. It only worked until I punched me in the face. They call that a rude awakening.

Erin’s also got some other geeky creations for sale, like a Dobby the House Elf hoodie and a Chewie phone case, so be sure to give it a look! Or don’t and live with regret. Your choice!

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