It’s official!* Cat Beards are all the rage. But what if you don’t have a cat? Well, TOO BAD. Jk, ModCloth is selling this Cat Beard Notebook designed by MollaSpace. For just $10, you can kind of fit in. Alternatively, just borrow one of my cats! I have tons. No seriously, like, literally, tons. Just… keep that info between you and me, k? Also if you keep my cat and never give it back, I probably won’t notice. When you got over 400 kitties, it’s hard to keep track if one gets catnapped (that’s like kipnapped, except with cats). Unless it’s Bitty Bear, in which case, I will not only notice, but I will find you, kill you, and return that precious cat-angel to his rightful owner (me). Anywaaaay? What? What were we talking about it again? Cat beards! Yes. *rereads text* Oh god, I’ve said too much.

*Not really.

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