If you want to wear a sweater that makes a statement and that statement is “I’m really high right now” then check out Mr. Gugu & Miss Go Sweaters. The collection of sweaters feature hi-res photos of food and trippy looking stuff—so basically it’s stoner wear. Just be careful because wearing them around your high friends could have adverse effects. For instance, the purple nebula sweater is likely to put them in a trance, while the fries sweater may prompt them to cover you in ketchup. I don’t even want to think about what they’d do to you in the condom sweater.

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Via: theawesomer.com


  1. Scott D.

    I think these sweaters should have a stinky clingy resinous pot smell pre-infused as well!!!

  2. CannabisCures

    Whoever created this doesn’t have a clue what a stoner would wear, nor do they understand the degree of impairment one has under the influence

  3. trixie

    i would wear this shit all the time, do ya even smoke bro

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