What does Wonder Woman do when she’s not kicking ass, taking names, or cruising in her invisible jet? Having fun in the sun, catchin’ some rays in this sweet bikini, duuuh! The top and bottoms are sold separately at Hot Topic. Which fortunately has an online store, because who wants to be seen walking into that place at the mall? That’s right: no one only confused teenagers. Ah, bikini season already? I guess it is about that time of year again. Kids get out of school for way too long, people get all patriotic for like UH day, and the weather is hot as hell and make people do crazy things like riots and looting. Break out the barbeque and the string bikinis! Or, if you’re me, stock up on food and toilet paper, board up the front door, close the blinds and pray that it will all be over soon. I will never be bikini ready!

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Via: sogeekchic.com


  1. sexy stuff

    Wowser! Wouldn’t mind being captured by her lasso!

  2. Sir Cumfrence

    I don’t know, Brittany…I think you look pretty bikini ready in that photo. So does Mr. Willikers! Nice tats, btw. (I said tAts! But the other things are nice too).

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