What could possibly be sexier than Yoda’s wrinkly mug worn across your chest? I’ll tell you what — a dress rocking Steve Buscemi’s big ole head. But this isn’t about Steve, this is about Star Wars. It’s also NOT about the franchise being bought by Disney. This is about the clothes. Black Milk Clothing Company is back with a series of Star Wars themed leggings, swimsuits, and mini dresses. They’ve got stuff with Vader, Boba Fett, an Ewok, R2D2, and C3PO to name a few. Wait — C3PO? Pshhh, seriously? I bet those things are gonna sell like hotcakes. *eyeroll* Ain’t nobody gonna go home with the girl wearing C3PO on her clothes. That duder is the ultimate boner-kill.

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Via: fashionablygeek.com


  1. Wesl

    a duvido que umas gostosas desse jeito iam usar roupas do star wars, ai so por que elas foram pagas

  2. Angel Johnston

    All I can think is, I can’t wait to get one. Guys would totally go home with girls wearing them, even if it’s just to rip them out of them. You’re also missing the humor in the Steve Bucemi dress. I love my Artoo-Detoo leggings and would love, with deep intensity, that See-Threepio bathing suit. My clothes shouldn’t be a precursor to get guys to come home with me, my fantastic blowjob skills and my amazing sense of humor are more than enough to bag a dude. Fuck you, Brittany High, you have no idea what people like. I hope no one paid you for that article. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a suit to order…