Constant trips to the laundry room got you down? Forget about a clean shirt; just spray on a new one each day! A few scientists at the Imperial College London created a way to do just that. Using a cocktail of cotton, polyester, plastic and solvents, you can literally spray on a shirt. Amazingly, the material peels away from one’s skin as it dries, and at that point you can even take it off, run it through the washing machine, and wear it again. Pretty brilliant, if you don’t mind looking like a mischievous teenager on Halloween.

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  1. Lina

    Still needs to be polished, I think.

  2. Craig

    I love how the guy is wearing safety goggles, but she isnt!

  3. Fish_Kungfu

    I’d like to spray silly string on a topless hot chick too…all in the name of science of course! ;-p

  4. meowy

    I wish they started the video 1 min earlierrr

  5. rawrawrawr

    lol the dude just wanted to see some tits using the name of science to do so.

  6. Yum


  7. ferret-otaku

    Do we finger-paint where the spray does not quite reach?

  8. Bill

    She is hot, love it

  9. sumera

    wo0w awesome !! thanks for sharing

  10. oops

    Breast cancer!

  11. Anonymouse

    Are spray-on pants next?

  12. jeff

    worst idea i have ever seen. looks like something i would see on one of those new stupid kids super hero movies.. “look guys we can go fight crime with out going home to change after swimming.. HOW FUN..” WE ARE GAY.. WILL NEVER SELL… WILL NEVER MAKE A PROFIT. NOW HOW ABOUT YOU SOLVE THAT CANCER THING YOU MORONS

  13. Sami

    I love how most people aren’t commenting on anything except the chick’s tits. This is why the world thinks America is stupid.

  14. Emily

    That is just discusting! Ewww! Who would want that job! That will not go well,

  15. Nick

    Seems like a fun job to me, get to make your own unique shirts. Plus the possibilities are pretty much endless with that stuff. 🙂

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