Have yourself a metal little Christmas with this hardcore sweater brought to us by thrash metal band Slayer. Yes, because nothing says “Hail Satan!” like an ugly Christmas sweater. And nothing says “Merry Christmas!” like headbanging so hard you get dizzy and have to lie down. This sweater pretty much guarantees that you’ll be a hit at this year’s family get-together! And by “a hit” I mean ” judged even more than usual.” That’s the price you pay for being so f***ing metal, I guess. Eat shit, grampa! Me, I’m gonna have to hold out for a Megadeth version. Then again, this Slayer one does look super comfy. Which is exactly what I look for in metal attire, so maybe I should go ahead and pick up this one, too. As they say, you can never have too many metal band Christmas sweaters! People say that, right?

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Via: laughingsquid.com