With Halloween being just around the corner, you’re probably starting to think about your costume. Or if you’re like me, you already got it! I’m gonna be a hobo baby. It was a practical choice considering I already had the necessary pieces lying around the apartment. You know, like tattered clothes, shoes with holes, adult diap– uh, you get the point. But what about your dog? When she sees you dressing up like a hoochie mama on Satan’s Birthday, you know what she’s thinking? SLUT! I want to be a floozy, too! Well your doggie’s dreams have come true — now she can dress like Snooki, Katy Perry, Marilyn Monroe, or Madonna. The best part is, each costume comes with its own set of canine-sized BOOBS! Wait — did I say best part? I meant worst. Definitely the worst part.

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