It boggles the mind why stoners would ever want to be flashy about the fact that they are stoners. You guys know there’s like, laws about that stuff right in most states right? Posting pictures of your sweet ass bong or gold rolling papers on Instagram is kinda dumb. (Unless you’re Rihanna—I think you’re immune if you’re Rihanna.) But if you like being flashy anyway (Damn the man!) you can pick yourself up a 12 pack of 24K gold rolling papers for $55. Or for that price you could just pick up another quarter, get high with your friends and talk about how cool it would be to have 24K gold rolling papers… and a pizza. Maaaan I’m so hungry now.


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Via: Oh Gizmo


  1. earlybird

    the person who wrote this article obviously doesn’t smoke herb

  2. danielle

    crazy concept.. crazy enough for people to be interested. i would love these, but i would definitely rather use the money on quarter and a pizza.

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