Because in my mind, every week is Shark Week, here are some Shark Socks knit by the Tsarina of Tsocks, Lisa Grossman. It looks like sharks are eating your precious tootsies, but SPOILER: they’re not. No feets were harmed in the wearing of these socks. One thing’s for true is these things look real comfy. Unfortunately they’re not for sale, but Lisa provides a pretty in-depth tutorial on how to make a pair of your own. Or make a pair of my own. You know what I’m saying? I’m saying it’s about time you get to work. I need these babies like yesterday and you know I don’t know how to knit!

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  1. Doug Bade

    why aren’t these for sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can’t knit ima 19yr old man :(

  2. Ohani Mia (Heuston's)

    how to buy ?

  3. knitter

    Dude lots of people who you might not think would knit do, it’s really good for you, it’s not too hard to learn, honestly, give it a go!

  4. Sharilyn Plascott

    Trying to find link to purchase this pattern for the shark socks! Help???

  5. evil_lolly

    yeah but its actually really hard to do, i used to knit and its bloody hard as anything so i quit it