“Oh what a lovely collection of rings you have,” your friend says as she tries on one of your pieces from the Ménage à Quatre collection. You reply, “Thanks, but you might want to wash your hands now.” This isn’t a scenario I’d be comfortable with, but to each her own I suppose. A designed team based in Milan has created Ménage à Quatre, which is a line of sex toys that look like fancy jewelry. Each of the rings has a unique design meant to coordinate with different outfits provide different types and levels of pleasure. If you’re interested you could contribute to their project on Indiegogo and get one for yourself. On a completely unrelated note, does anyone know if Indiegogo shares what projects you’ve supported with your friends or if it’s anonymous? I’m asking for a friend. About a different project. Don’t judge me!





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Via: designtaxi.com

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