Ever since they started coming with an elastic waistband, I never thought jeans could get any better. UNTIL NOW. Here are Scratch N Sniff jeans brought to you by clothing company Naked & Famous. The denim is coated with the perfume, baked in and somehow (magic, I’m assuming) when scratched “micro scent capsules” release the delicious scent. So far they’re only available in raspberry, but hopefully in the future they’ll branch out with other smells. I’d totally pick up a nacho cheese scented pair. Then veryyyy carefully place them back on the display table because I peeked at the price tag and realized I can’t afford a $200 pair of jeans no matter how nacho or cheesy they smell.

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Via: dvice.com


  1. Daniel

    The jeans are actually $150 not $200.

  2. Pretty Lady

    They have taken the scratch and thing too far.

  3. gggg


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