Socks are kind of like my kryptonite. (Kryptonite is the stuff that makes you freak out, spend all of your money and squeal in delight until you pass out right?) I own a lot of awesome socks so I’m kind of hard to impress. Oh, your socks have adorable kittens on them? Nyan-cat please, I got socks made of real cat fur. I’ve even got socks that look like high-tops and socks that looks sharks nommin’ mah feets. But I never even dreamed of owning socks that could fly*. The Superman Caped Socks make your feet seem super and heroic, instead of just smelly and podiatric. Now if only someone would make socks that looked like a button up shirt to wear over these so you can rip them open dramatically, life would be amazing. (*Disclaimer: these socks cannot actually fly, unless you attach rockets to them or something.)

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