My dogs have been hounding me for a hat collection ever since they saw these cats wearing stylish fedoras and fancy berets. I dunno if these knit caps by Etsy seller Sweethoots are exactly what the dogs had in mind, but I’m sure it’ll teach them a lesson about begging. They’re well-made, yes. But also — how do I say this? Hilariously dorky. They even have the option of a human version of each hat so the two of you can be all matchy-matchy for when you really want to humiliate your pooch. Don’t think a dog can feel embarrassment? Just check out these pics of Ole Bug Eyes over here. His eyes are screaming “Help meeeee!”

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  1. Amy

    These are very funny, but they are crocheted rather than knit. Probably not something everyone would notice, but those who do both would.

  2. Kana

    haha! Luv it!

  3. blooop

    but they are crocheted

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