Another day, another way to humiliate your dog. Puppylocks is a line of feather weaves… for your dog. Do people even wear feathers in their hair anymore?  If you wanna do this tacky kinda shit to yourself, go right ahead. But leave the dogs out of this. It’s animal cruelty! All Fido wants to do is run, roll in the dirt, and eat people food. None of those things involve looking like an idiot with a feather weave. The same people who’d do this to their dog are the same kind of people who will eventually wonder “Why did Fido run away?” He didn’t chase a car and get lost, he was chasing a new life and found one!

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  1. Little Jen

    I like the feathers for the dogs…thanks for linking it so I know where to buy them!

    My little terrier will love being the center of attention.

    Too bad not everyone can enjoy pretty things.


  2. Jo

    Someone got this idea from Red XIII on FFVII… Amazing that no one thought of this any time before.