Because sometimes Guinea Pigs like to feel pretty too, Tokyo-based designer Maki Yamada brings us Guinea Pigs a fashion line. She’s got dresses, shirts, hats, holiday-appropriate costumes, and more accessories than you can probably imagine. This is a lot to take in. Ten minutes ago, I didn’t know how bad I needed a Guinea Pig. Now? Now not only do I need a Guinea Pig, but I need a whole damn wardrobe for that little goober. I haven’t figured out all the logistics like, what to name her, do I have be able to properly take care of her, how I’m going to be able to afford to feed and clothe her in all the latest Guinea Pig styles, etc. But the real task at hand is convincing my mom to let me get another pet. But… but I neeeed it! YOU NEVER LET ME DO ANYTHING!






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