These are Cat Eat Headphones by Axent Wear. They’re equipped with LED lights and external speakers in the ear part so you can blast your jams to the world around you. Want a pair of your own? Of course you do. They’re purrfect! Pre-order them at the company’s website and you can expect to receive them by April 2015. Hey, I know what you’re thinking: “Ugh, I don’t want to wait until April, I want them right meow!” and I’m 100% with you. But seriously, relax with the cat puns, that’s kind of like my job here. Just kitten! Go for it, I DGAF.




Thanks to Kamut for sending in the tip. Or should I say, re-furring the tip? Sorry sorry sorry sorry *ducks and runs away*

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  1. Kunoichi

    Want it with all my heart!

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